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            Joy Chemical is a professional manufactirer which emphasis on research and production of L-Theanine.Currently,our plant had largest L-Theanine maker in china,we take the advantage of leading edge technique on producing L-Theanine.After entering Quzhou high-tech industrial zone in Quzhou Zhejiang ,we established close cooperative relationships with suppliers and clients.Relying on modern equipment and precise management system,we are striving to expand our business and market share in the word.

            Joy Chemical is very popular in food industry for quality products and excellent service.We strictly obey the rules of domestic and indernationl food safety management system and GMP standatd, to make sure our products with top quality and safety features.

            In the future,quality and reputation still be our corpotate spirit.With the support of our customers,we are aiming to new energy to food industry,and hope to build better worldwide client network.

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